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Consultancy Services

We provide solutions in partnership with clients.


Drawing on research-driven expertise and sector experience, we provide tailored support in four specialist areas: strategic capability, educational innovation, enhanced student experiences and thriving leaders.



Strategic Capability

Our partnership approach ensures we deeply understand your needs and priorities to develop strategic capability. Drawing from extensive executive experience in tertiary education and research, we ensure that agreed solutions are embedded and successful. We go beyond proposals to implement solutions with your people for long-term impact. Our solutions to enhance strategic capability are focused in the areas of:

  • service performance across digital, physical and social spaces

  • student success strategies

  • optimising student management technologies for staff/students

  • organisational design and change services to execute strategy

  • customised business improvement programs  

  • strategic project management and reviews 


Educational Innovation

Our unique expertise in educational reform is founded on research, experience and proven innovation. Advisory and consultancy services include: 

  • intensive mode education models

  • institutional ecosystems, operating models and new approaches to:

-    improve student success 
-    promote first-year student

-    implement intensive mode

-    improve student equity

-    enhance student satisfaction
     and retention


Enhanced Student Experiences

Thriving Leaders

Student success is shaped by the experience. From the first moment a person considers their next step in education with an institution, their student experience commences. Our services to improve the student experience and, ultimately, student success include:

  • student experience strategy

  • independent analysis of student insights 

  • research-driven reviews of the student experience 

  • student experience design

  • customised programs to implement an enhanced experience

  • service improvement

  • staff training and development  

We provide tailored coaching and mentoring services to support organisations in promoting high-performing and thriving teams. We walk alongside people to support their growth, development and needs - with a focus on the future goals of the individual, the team and their organisation. Services include:

  • executive coaching and leadership development

  • senior leadership mentoring and development

  • team coaching

  • independent support for change management

  • Women-Space Australia

Get in Touch

Please reach out here to explore how we may design and deliver your solutions. 

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